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Mikayla Wujec is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist and science communicator from Toronto, Ontario. Mikayla’s work fuses technology, storytelling and research to help communicate science in ways that educate and empower citizens and decision-makers to generate sustainable solutions for our planet. Toronto born, she grew up with her toes rooted in the cool waters of Georgian Bay, and her nose stuck in countless books of travel and adventure. 

Mikayla has lived and worked in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific to study vulnerable marine species and the ecological and cultural systems they support. She is passionate about using storytelling via writing, film and photography to build awareness and inspire action for global issues facing our planet.  


Mikayla's work is largely focused on water. As a National Geographic Explorer, Mikayla has led marine conservation expeditions around the globe. In 2015 she travelled to the Solomon Islands to study bumphead parrotfish - the largest and most marvellous parrotfish species - in marine protected areas.  More recently, Mikayla was awarded one of National Geographic’s first-ever inaugural Collaborative Grants for a team-project Reef to Aquarium that documents the global saltwater aquarium fish trade. This is an ongoing project on which her and her team are still working—building an interactive website and producing a mini-documentary that will connect diverse audiences to this little known, multi-billion dollar global trade. She has also worked with the Society to create digital educational videos, and as a speaker and ambassador.  

In addition to her research, Mikayla is a published writer, photographer and videographer and has worked with international conservation organizations, governments, businesses, and environmental non-profits to engage citizens in environmental programs to create measurable, positive change and create environmental policy informed by science


As an avid diver, underwater photographer, drone pilot and aquatic enthusiast, Mikayla dreams to open access to all the hard-to-reach places and creatures of the world with storytelling, so that more people may explore, understand, and engage with them. Mikayla also holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Biology from Concordia University

Mikayla currently lives in Toronto, ON where she enjoys Ontario's lakes, forests, cities and people. She also hopes to one day soon write a book. 

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